How to add Custom Disposition

  1. Login to you admin portal navigate to Telephony > Campaigns

    2. Point the mouse on the plus icon at the bottom right and select "Add Disposition"

    Custom Disposition 2

    3. Select the campaign to apply the new custom disposition and fill in the required fields.

    Custom Disposition 3

    Here are the description for the following fields;

    Campaign - select campaign to assign the custom field on the dropdown
    Status - Label of the custom field. This will appear on the report. Maximum of 6 characters

    Status Name - Name of the custom field that the agent will see on the disposition screen
    Priority - Used to sort and arrange the way the custom fields are displayed on the disposition screen
    Color - defines the text color of the custom field on the disposition screen
    Selectable - Check this to make the custom field visible on the disposition screen
    DNC - Checking this will put the lead on the Campaign DNC list
    Human Answered - Checking this will classify the call as Human Answered and is used for calculating the drop rate
    Scheduled Callback - Checking this will enable the callback function for the call
    SALE - checking this will count the call as a SALE
    **The rest are used for statistical Analysis only.
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