What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards, and Wire Transfer. There is 5% fee on all transactions. For wire transfer instructions, please email sales@goautodial.com




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What are the recommended softphones?

- Linux:   Twinkle (http://twinklephone.com)    Zoiper (http://zoiper.com)...

What codec should I use?

- To save on bandwidth, please set the primary codec to GSM on your softphone. If you have G729...

How many lines or channels per agent can I use?

- Up to 20 lines/channels per agent. Our starter package has a limit of 150 simultaneous calls.

I'm having one-way audio issue, what's happening?

Q: I'm having one-way audio issue, what's happening?A: one-way audio is NAT/firewall related...

What web browser do you recommend?

- Google Chrome is highly recommended